Arrange your mobility properly and efficiently for your employees, so they have more time for the most important thing: helping vulnerable children who are in trouble.

Youth Protection Amsterdam Region has been a XXImo customer from the very beginning.

Keeping every child safe is the mission of Youth Protection Amsterdam Region. The organisation’s 450 employees assist at least 2,200 families every year. “Youth Protection wants to work where we’re most effective. That’s with children, families at home, at schools or with chain partners. Everything is aimed at facilitating our family managers as best as possible in all aspects of their work. This also means they must be able to travel easily and be relieved of administrative burdens. That’s why they use the XXImo mobility card for their business trips,” says Karen Hoogeboom, Facilities & Hospitality Team Manager of Youth Protection Amsterdam Region.

How it all started

Youth Protection started about ten years ago with a large number of changes in the organisation. With the mission “Every child safe” as a starting point, many improvements have been made at executive and facility levels. The principles were:

  • As close to the client as possible
  • Maximum facilitation of employees
  • Realising maximum flexibility
  • Cost reduction

At the time, the organisation went from eight offices to one office and switched to a new way of working. Employees were given a laptop, smartphone, travel pass and other facilities to be able to work easily anywhere. Whether at home, in the office or on the road.

Mobility card for all employees

Karen: “We were looking for a mobility solution for business trips, in addition to the commuting allowance and business travel allowance. We opted for the XXImo mobility card. This made travelling much easier and at the same time, we were able to remove the administrative workload for employees. At the time, such a mobility card was really unique and in full development. We have been using the card to our satisfaction for many years now.

How you travel depends on your destination and what is most convenient for the employee in the specific situation. The mobility card allows you to use public transport, parking, public transport bikes and sometimes also taxis. In addition to the card, we also have options for claiming business kilometres.”

The office as a safe meeting place

“At the moment, many companies work in a hybrid manner and the office is increasingly being used as a meeting place. That’s what we’ve been doing for years. We see the office as a ‘club house’. A place you can always go to, where you feel safe, where you meet colleagues and where you can share your story. People have a tough and responsible job. So it’s important to see each other.

Best Government Organisation 2014

All the changes that were implemented in the organisation paid off. Satisfied employees, satisfied clients and a cost saving of 20%. “This entire change process earned us the title of Best Government Organisation 2014 at the time, something we’re very proud of. Arrange everything properly and efficiently for your employees, so they have more time for the most important thing: helping vulnerable children who are in trouble.

XXImo customer from the very beginning

Youth Protection Amsterdam Region has been working with XXImo since 2013, making it a practical customer from the very beginning. “Contact with XXImo is low threshold, I’ve recently visited XXImo’s office. We also know where to find each other if necessary. If something isn’t quite right and I call account management, I notice real involvement and the will to get to the bottom of something,” says Karen.

Making plans and anticipating

When asked which points deserve extra attention in the (near) future within Youth Protection, Karen replies: “I think we still do too little with the reports. We can gain more insights from them and see where we can anticipate by, for example, adding new forms of mobility or managing things that we consider important. Our employees have a mobility card with a number of travel options, it works well and we don’t have to worry about it much. The user is also satisfied. This doesn’t immediately necessitate extra actions, but we like to be one step ahead of the user. This way, we solve matters before the user experiences a problem.”

Developments in the mobility world are moving fast

“Perhaps in the future, we’ll add more mobility options to the map and use other functions in the system. Developments in the mobility world are moving very fast. Hybrid working, for example, the change in the tax-free travel allowance, the homeworking allowance and the emergence of newer modes of transport. But also attracting and retaining staff and a focus on fitness and sustainability. All of them topics with an impact on the entire organisation. HR is an important party in this and in my role, I can offer ideas and provide input on what is possible. Everything comes together in an integrated mobility policy.