Luxury cosmetics firm chooses single party for all mobility

Reporting is simpler and convenience is the most important principle

“Previously, we had different suppliers for all forms of mobility and claims flows. My main aim was to relieve employees from having to carry multiple cards, sometimes as many as four, and from having to advance costs. I succeeded in that aim.” The speaker is Nicole de Lange, office manager of a luxury international cosmetics house. “The solution came around five years ago via our lease company. They told us about the existence of a total mobility solution. I was unfamiliar with it before then. This is how we came to start using the services of XXImo.”

The company, with locations in various European cities, employs 90 people in the Netherlands. Approximately half of them work at the office in Capelle aan den IJssel, the other half consists of regional representatives and people who work on location in branches of de Bijenkorf. The latter two groups use the XXImo mobility card. Depending on the individual’s role and travel behaviour, the card will have different mobility services on it.

Lease car and mobility card

Nicole: “The people in outside sales spend a lot of time on the road. They visit retailers right across the country for our cosmetics brands. For business travel, they use a lease car plus the mobility card, which they can use to refuel, park, get the car washed and travel on public transport. There are a lot of options. Which one they use depends on their destination, it’s up to them.

Public transport

Our employees based in branches of de Bijenkorf travel on public transport – by train, bus, tram and metro. Those locations are in big cities, which means public transport is the best option. They can also hire a shared bicycle (OV-fiets), although there hasn’t been much take-up so far”, says Nicole. “Perhaps we could do more to publicise that option in the coming time.”

International travel

The cosmetics firm is part of a large international company with its main offices in Brussels and Paris. Trips to these locations are made by Thalys high-speed train. On arrival at the station, employees can take a taxi to complete the last leg of their journey. “We appreciate the broad palette of mobility options, both national and international”, says the office manager.

Management reports

Nicole: “When we were still working with different suppliers, compiling management reports was quite a puzzle. Because of all the separate invoices, I had to get the necessary figures from all over the place. On top of that, not every supplier always provided the same information or used the same sources. Sometimes it felt like you were comparing apples with pears. It was quite unwieldy, but fortunately that’s a thing of the past. The monthly reports for the accounts are now much easier to generate and they provide more insight.”

Sustainable business
“Mobility is on the agenda internationally. Not so long ago, I took part in a European meeting on mobility. I realised that we are quite unique in the Netherlands when it comes to mobility cards that can really do everything. In other countries, they are primarily still used for fuel and parking. Of course in the Netherlands we have a good public transport network, which makes a difference.

For me, convenience is the most important principle for business mobility, but sustainability definitely also matters too. You can see that in our company and in the way we do business. For example: many of our perfume and cosmetics products are refillable and we have ISO certification. With regard to our mobility, I also consider it important to look at the CO2 emissions of our cars.”

A good rapport

“When we started with XXImo, we did run up against a few issues. Not everything worked the same way, so that took a bit of getting used to. I’m a critical customer and I think it is very important to be properly understood. The people at XXImo are good at coming up with ideas and solutions. They clearly explain what is and what isn’t possible, so you know where you stand. I like that kind of open communication.”

“For me, having a good rapport with the people I work with is very important. I definitely have that rapport with our account manager at XXImo. We understand each other and that means we are able to make good arrangements. I don’t believe in ‘the customer is king’ – it’s by working together that you make sure everything goes the way it is supposed to. It’s a good partnership.”

“We now have a lot of things in place in terms of business mobility. Naturally we continue to monitor organisational developments and people’s wishes and adapt our mobility accordingly.”