Card management

XXImo in four steps


Customer application

Before you can apply for cards, there are a few things that need to be dealt with. First of all, we draw up a customer agreement, in which you and XXImo confirm our collaboration. In order to make sure collection takes place smoothly, you will be asked to approve the SEPA mandate drawn up by XXImo (B2B) and make arrangements with your bank. After this, one or more employees are authorised as administrators.

Card application

XXImo services can be configured in a modular way by selecting different mobility options and services during the card-holder application process. After the customer contract has been received and processed by XXImo, you will receive the administrator login details for the secure ‘My XXImo’ self-service website. Here, the administrator can apply for and manage the XXImo Mobility Card(s) him/herself.

There are two options for allocating a budget:

  1. Mobility budget: choose a weekly amount and the mobility options which this amount may be spent on.
    • Example: a budget of € 250 per week which may be spent on refuelling, parking and taxis.
  2. Limit per service: choose a weekly amount per mobility service.
    • Example: a total budget of € 350 per week, of which € 200 may be spent on refuelling, € 50 on parking and € 100 on food & drink.

To apply for an XXImo Mobility Card, you only need to complete three steps in the online card-holder application process.

  1. The administrator logs in to ‘My XXImo’ and enters the personal details of the cardholder(s).
  2. The administrator enters the authorisation and spending limit details.
  3. Check summary and statement of approval:
    • The XXImo card-holder receives temporary login details for ‘My XXImo’. The first time the card-holder logs in, he/she chooses a personal PIN code for his/her XXImo Mobility Card;
    • The XXImo Mobility Card is sent out to the business address provided within a few days, after which the card-holder activates the card in ‘My XXImo’.

In order to determine how much credit you need to be able to use the selected XXImo mobility options, XXImo has developed a simple advisory model, which you can use to calculate the amount required to enable the card-holder to use the XXImo-mobility options. The calculated credit can be entered when applying for the XXImo Mobility Card(s).

Using the XXImo Mobility Card

Because the XXImo Mobility Card is a business product used at the employer’s expense and risk, certain transactions are not permitted as standard, regardless of the XXImo-mobility options selected. For example, it is not possible to withdraw cash with the XXImo Mobility Card or use the card to perform online transactions (naturally, XXImo online services are possible).

During use, an administrator can turn mobility options on and off per employee at any time. These changes are then immediately activated on the card.

The XXImo Mobility Card can only be used for services for which your employer has authorised you in advance. For example, if your employer permits you to use your XXImo Mobility Card for refuelling and parking, you can use it to pay at all XXImo partner filling stations, for parking at Schiphol, at 450 multi-storey car parks operated by Q-Park, P1, Interparking and others, and at all on-street payment terminals in the major cities which accept Visa payment cards.

Our XXImo-app shows you at a glance the filling stations, car parks, charging points, car washes and meeting venues which are closest to your current location. The XXImo Mobility Card works at all filling stations shown in the XXImo app. At other filling stations, the card doesn’t work.

Where you can use XXImo

The XXImo Mobility Card can be used anywhere where Visa cards are accepted. You can identify such businesses by the Visa logo, for example in shops, multi-storey car parks, restaurants and filling stations. Because the XXImo Mobility Card contains the extra secure EMV chip, it can only be used in countries where this chip is accepted. This assures the card-holder of secure payment. Most European countries now use the latest EMV chip technology; you can find a complete list of the countries where the XXImo Mobility Card can be used below.

XXImo country list:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.