Single VAT invoice

A single VAT invoice XXImo provides a monthly invoice for each company – naturally, the VAT on all mobility transactions is clearly shown. XXImo also makes invoice breakdowns available. These breakdowns provide detail at card-holder level. Because all mobility options are invoiced inclusive of VAT, you can easily maximise the VAT you claim back.

The invoicing process

Invoicing for XXImo takes place per calendar month. At the start of the new month, the usage for the previous month is invoiced. The invoice is made available to the administrator on his/her personal web page. The company receives a single invoice showing all financial transactions at the company level and at the individual card-holder level. Each year, 12 invoices (one calendar year) are made available in the XXImo self-service module.

If you wish to receive invoices which are more than 12 months old, they can be requested by the administrator in ‘My XXImo’ under ‘Invoices’.

Invoice layout

  • The company details are presented on the invoice.
  • The invoice date is shown on the invoice.
  • The invoicing period is shown on the invoice.
  • The invoice and account number are shown on the invoice.

Beyond this, the invoice consists of two main groups:

1. Costs and VAT breakdown

At the company level, all product categories and VAT rates for the financial entries for XXImo card-holders are shown together.

The monthly VAT invoice provides a summary of product categories broken down by the different VAT rates which apply:

  • No VAT: for transactions abroad.
  • No VAT: for transactions for which XXImo does not receive detailed information.
  • VAT rate 9%.
  • VAT rate 21%.

A single transaction (from a single mobility supplier) may be made up of multiple VAT rates. An example of this is a taxi fare: the taxi fare itself is subject to a VAT rate of 6%, but the text message sent to the XXImo card-holder 30 minutes before the start of the taxi ride is subject to a VAT rate of 21%. This detailed information is available on the secure XXImo website.

2. Information on financial cash flow/collection streams

All financial entries made at company level, consisting of:

  • Direct debit instructions for topping up the XXImo Mobility Cards.
  • Any failed direct debits (cancellations).
  • Any administration charges.

Statement by the tax authorities

In 2012, the tax authorities made a statement to the effect that the periodic summary invoices generated by XXImo, in conjunction with the underlying detailed itemised information which may be consulted in the XXImo self-service module, meet the billing requirements for Dutch VAT.

XXImo closely follows developments in European legislation on invoicing requirements and VAT rules. Alongside assistance with local VAT legislation, XXImo will also be pleased to help you claim back VAT paid outside the Netherlands. Click here for more information.

View a sample invoice here.