Cost indicator

All transactions using XXImo are shown in the 'My XXImo' portal. Card holders can easily label these transactions as business, private or commuting costs and indicate whether they were incurred for specific customers, cost centres or projects. XXImo reports the labels in the invoice breakdown on 'My XXImo' and as part of the data exchange with our customers, so that all costs can easily be linked to the right customer, project or cost centre in the accounts. XXImo also sends a data file to your payroll department or provider to enable them to set off private transactions with your employees.

The fact that a reference code can be added to every transaction means that many administrative actions can be avoided, since it is immediately clear what the costs were incurred for. This also allows these costs to be charged on if necessary. In ‘My XXImo’, the administrator can see how each card holder has labelled his/her transactions and can add to or amend the reference code.

This solution avoids a lot of manual work in claiming back expenses or the use of costly expense reporting systems.

The expenses paid can be labelled up to 15 days after the end of the month. So if a transaction is recorded on 1 January, the user can label it until 15 February; however, if the transaction is recorded on 31 January, labelling is still only possible until 15 February.

This service is available free of charge to all XXImo customers.