XXImo helps you save money

With XXImo, you save on your business costs by reducing refuelling and parking charges, taking advantage of discounted travel on public transport and maximising your VAT refunds. In addition, you save on the cost of processing all the individual receipts and expenses claims. All on one VAT invoice!

Managing fuel costs

XXImo enables you to select filling stations based on fuel prices rather than their location. The refuelling network of XXImo in the Netherlands is divided into 3 price categories:

A: discount on national recommended fuel price of up to 4 cents per litre
B: discount on national recommended fuel price of 5 to 9 cents per litre
C: discount on national recommended fuel price of 10 cents or more per litre

(Mobility) managers can use the ‘My XXImo’ online portal to select the price category in which each cardholder may refuel. In this way, you can easily save on fuel costs by raising the cost awareness of cardholders. With XXImo you as the (mobility) manager are in the driver’s seat.

Extra discount at ‘A motorway’ stations

There are 75 category B filling stations along the A motorways where you are guaranteed at least a 5 cent discount on the standard fuel price. You save costs whilst offering your cardholders flexibility.

Discount on public transport

As an XXImo public transport chip card-holder, you benefit from 20% discount with NS as standard (except for the morning and evening rush hours). This discount is automatically applied. XXImo also offers you discounts on journeys using city and regional public transport.
If your employees frequently use public transport, you can also get attractive volume discounts.

Maximising VAT refunds

With XXImo, you reduce your administrative burden. No more hassle with receipts, expenses claims and extensive monitoring systems. For the employer, all journeys, expenditures and costs are clearly shown on a single invoice which you can use for your VAT return. All VAT itemised on the invoice is 100% deductible.

If authorised for the ‘Foreign VAT’ service, we will also help you claim back VAT paid abroad. For example, VAT can be claimed back on refuelling, travel and accommodation costs incurred abroad. We provide this service on a no cure, no pay basis.