Virtual mobility card

XXImo stands for convenience and innovation in mobility. We are pleased to present our latest development, the virtual mobility card. This new card fits in well with a sustainable mobility policy, certainly in combination with our other mobility services such as the business public transport chip card and the kilometre registration function.

The benefits of the virtual mobility card

  • Can be used immediately. After applying, the card is ready in the Milo app.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable. There is no production process, no plastic is used and the card does not have to be destroyed.
  • Safe to use. Loss or theft of the card is not possible.

 How does the virtual mobility card work?

The innovative mobility card can be used for online mobility purchases, without physically possessing the card. Depending on which services you have ‘enabled’ for your employees, they can link the virtual card (Visa payment method) with apps from shared mobility providers, book a taxi or international train tickets.

Make the most of a sustainable mobility policy

In the XXImo platform, you can organise your sustainable mobility policy completely according to your wishes. The virtual mobility card fits in perfectly with this. For example, combine the use of the business public transport chip card and the public transport bicycle with the virtual mobility card for shared mobility and the kilometre registration function for use of the bicycle or car. You can then also choose to offer higher allowances for kilometres travelled by bicycle (or even on foot) than those travelled by car.

Want to find out more?

Click here to find out how Unilever uses these services for a sustainable mobility policy.

Want to know more about the virtual mobility card, flexible allowances and sustainable travel? Please contact us. We are happy to explain how you can use these innovative services for your organisation.